Pilot Students in the UK

November 20, 2009

I have recently moved back to the UK to carry on with studying to be a Pilot.
It has occured to me that not only do the pilot students get no chance of loans or financial support in the UK but we have to pay V.A.T..
Why are we not recognised as students and given this status? Doctors have the responsiblity of looking after people, so do pilots……but of course we help with studying to be a doctor in this country. It is my understanding that in other countries within Europe there is recognition and support as well as finances.
We must act to get this changed. It is a professional position and requires alot of finance to get to Commercial status.
I am lucky to have resources but many are not so lucky.
Any thoughts………

daniel zane hertfordshire


Big cats and monkey rescue centre in Bolivia

November 19, 2009

I feel very powerful and happy that I was able to successfully volunteer at the park and for this project. There is nothing more wonderful then being a part of something that is changing the world for the better and hope one day to get back and spend further time there.

At the park they are looking after adult and baby wildlife from all over the regions that have been orphaned, mis treated, domesticated, when they are wild animals, or teasted endlessly in circus’s and out of place establishments calling themselves zoo’s. Whilst doing all of this they are buying up parts of the rainforest so that it is still there in 10 years time, as the loggers are chopping it down at a horrifying rate. The odds are against Inti Wara Yassi but the job they are doing is amazing.

Their site in Park Machia is currently in danger as the local major of the town is building a road through it to transport god only knows.

This organisation which survives entirely on volunteers was put together by Juan carlos in 1982 to help poor or orphaned children by teaching them a trade so they could help themselves or their familes. When he saw the impact man was having on nature with the knocking down of forests and horrid animal abuse he became involved and the park is now a have for 1000’s of animals.

Witness it for yourselves, get out there, You could be one on one with a big cat, working in a monkey park or even looking after bird life. In my opinion you will find nothing more rewarding on this planet. Inti Wara Yassi, keep doing what your doing, daniel zane hertfordshire

A dark cloud approaching

November 15, 2009

As Christmas eve closes in and the days get darker we should bear in mind that we will  be buying presents made by the less fortunate for yet another year.  When is our endless needs, wants and consuming going to wake up to the fact that from happyiness comes others sadness.

Will we be able to live with ourselves after giving some thought and research into the lives of those responsible for gaining the raw materials needed for us to give a present or gratefully receive one? Or how about a thought for the 9 year old who s had their childhood stolen whilst slaving in a dangerous factory for 16 hours in a day…….everyday.  Do they ever get to receive a present?  Or perhaps they deserve to be playing with one of the toys they make every day rather then sweating over them with tears of labour and sadness.

I would like to know when we, myself included are going to equal the balance rather then just live off the 3rd and developing world as if she owed us something.

Thinking of the positive actions we can take this year I come forward with the following advice for providing oneself a good nights sleep and the true spirit of Christmas Time.

Purchase your family and friends some fresh water for perhaps just one of the thousands that urgently need. Sponcer your friends and family a part of a rainforest while its still there to do this with.  Adopt a child with a monthly donaton or perhaps even an animal.

If all else fails, make a present, use your hands and yor heart, recycle something.  As corney as it may sounds a handmade present shows the love you have for the reciever far greater then the gift bought with MADE IN CHINA on the label……….

Love, share and show your care this xmas, be kind not blind

daniel zane hertfordshire

The Universe and intelligent Life

November 14, 2009

The universe: It would take, traveling at the speed of light, over 13.7 billion years to travel in our known universe, this is if we were able to travel at these speeds. Getting to my point can we really think that we are possibly the only intelligent life in all this Space? I believe that it would be ignorant to think such a thing and whilst it can not be proven by the people as yet, it certainly should never be dismissed whilst calling ourselves intelligent. I say The People as it is possible that the governments know more than we do.

Imagine the panic and change our world would have to accept if information such as alien life visiting us was made public……..religions, society, calm this may all be turned on its head. The mere thought for many people that we our visited or are not alone can bring panic or even halt a life time of worship to a God that may not seem so realistic.

As exciting as the thought seems I do not believe that in my life time, we the public, will gather indisputable evidence that can show we are far from the only life out there in the big, wide galaxy. So the argument remains, if there is life out there, if governments already know this, when will the time come that we can we trusted as the people of this world to have this information………Lets keep Seti funded and alive as they may be the peoples only way of proving we are not alone.

Daniel zane hertfordshire

Obama was voted in due to the black president Palmer on 24?

November 12, 2009

It occurs to me that the popularity of the show 24 and the fictional character President Palmer may have something to do with the popularity of a black president as being voted into the most powerful position currently available on our planet.  What are your thoughts on this.  Type in President Palmer to google and get over 5,900,000 hits! Wow.  Anyhows he was damn good in the show, in my opinion, whilst drifting off last night  this was my last thought.  I like Obama and feel very happy that he is in power…….but as said, how much of this was down to the 24 Show and the wonderful Palmer President that stood for all that is good and great in this TV Success? Any thoughts……….

daniel zane hertfordshire

Hello world!

November 12, 2009

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